Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christians in Guyana Should Defend Pastor Daniel Singh, and Ask Guyana Chronicle, Kaieteur News To Be Fair

Dear Editor,

An astonishing, though not unexpected, amount of anti-Christian rhetoric is currently being accommodated through the pages of the Guyana Chronicle and Kaieteur News.

It began with Justin Defreitas’ abortive attempt to validate Darwinism through the “Missing-Link” fossil-fraud we now know as “Ida”, this strongly rebutted by one Pastor Daniel Singh. The latest insert in this exchange is found in the Guyana Chronicle of 9th June letter-section under the caption “The Pastor Must Answer the Questions”.

Following the non-publishing by these two newspapers of the comprehensive response to his original attack on Pastor Daniel Singh (see “Ida: Missing Link … or Humongous Hoax” at ), Justin DeFreitas completely abandons every sense of objectivity on the Ida-fraud issue and mounts a scurrilous personal attack on Singh. It is astonishing that the Chronicle’s new Editor let that one through.

The Pastor is no more obligated publish his “credentials” as is “Peeping Tom”, “Blame the Government” or the myriad of anonymous contributors to the letter-pages in Guyana’s newspapers. Nor has Pastor Singh, I believe, requested Defreitas’ atheistic pedigree, or lack thereof. What is important is that his (Singh’s) arguments on the fraud that Ida represents be rebutted with fastidious attention to the detail of transitional-fossil palaeontology. Semantic skulduggery of the sort that DeFreitas provides is a poor substitute for such academic rigour.

And is it possible that DeFreitas does not know that Guyana has adopted, and been using, the Grade system in schools for some years now?

When the opposing view to DeFreitas’ anti-Christian rhetoric is NOT allowed similar and unbridled access to the media, then the Editors of these newspapers are accommodating a degenerative unprofessionalism, and, in the case of DeFreitas’s latest arguments, rabid intellectual fraud.

Again, we cite below some articles that will give readers perspective on the “Ida” issue, and the hoaxes that fuel efforts to support Darwinian evolution:

The Survival of the Fakest
The dangerous link between science and hype
Scientists divided on Ida as the missing link
Scientists: 'Missing Link' Fossil Not Worth Media Hype
Missing Link Coverage Goes Amiss
Why Ida Fossil is Not the Missing Link
Piltdown Man: A Deliberate Hoax
Nebraska Man
Piltdown Finds All Planted
Piltdown Man Forgery

Yours faithfully
Roger Williams
June 9, 2009

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